Q: How do I play LikeSpinWin?
A: It's simple to play and easy to win: Download the iPhone or Android app, or play via our LikeSpinWin.com website. Select a sponsored prize wheel, LIKE that business on Facebook by clicking the wheel, SPIN the wheel, and see what you WIN.
Q: What happens if I already LIKE the company? Can I still spin their prize wheel?
A: You can if you Refer a Friend.
Q: How do I Refer a Friend?
A: You can share the App with your friends by tapping the share button on the App and choosing to share through either Facebook, Email or text.
Q: Is there a limit to how many prizes I can win from one company?
A: One prize per promotion/wheel
Q: What is the maximum number of wheels I can spin each day?
A: Unlimited! Spin as many wheels as you choose.
Q: Can I win more than one prize each day?
A: Yes, you may win prizes from multiple businesses.
Q: How do I get my prize?
A: Prizes are redeemed by printing a gift certificate and bringing it to the sponsoring business.
Q: How much time do I have to use my gift certificate?
A: Gift certificates are time sensitive and usually expire in 30 days.
Q: What happens to prizes that aren't redeemed, will they appear again?
A: No.
Q: What is the duration of each promotion?
A: Promotions usually last one to three days.
Q: How can I increase my odds of winning?
A: You can earn extra spins by referring friends.
Q: What if I don't want the gift that I won?
A: You may return a gift to the prize pool to be won by someone else.
Q: Can I transfer a gift certificate to a friend?
A: Not currently, but we are working on it.
Q: How often do you add new prize wheels?
A: New sponsored wheels are added daily, so come back often to play LikeSpinWin.
Q: How do I enter the monthly drawing for the grand prize?
A: Simply take a photo of yourself with the gift certificate that you won, and post it on our Facebook page.
Q: How many photos can I submit to the monthly drawings?
A: You can submit one photo for every prize you win.